We are really excited to welcome you to our brand new website where you can discover more about how Future Aerial are using drone technology to capture dynamic virtual worlds. One of our aims is to provide mapped data that can enable you company to make accurate decisions wherever you are working in the world.

Future Aerial have already developed a reputation for excellence, reliability and consistency and a managed drone service that takes away any hassle for clients who simply don’t have the time or the inclination to manage an internal drone operations department. We take care of everything and always deliver.

We also use drones to provide the data needed to create digital twins of the natural world. Digital twins are available for the majority of large structures these days and can be particularly useful for work in the construction of nuclear power stations or housing estates. If your company requires simulation of the natural environment, Future Aerial can provide 100% accurate 3D modelling. Ther process of building a digital simulation of the natural world is rather complex and technical but the possibilities that it opens are really exciting!! We are looking forward to hearing from more companies who want to revolutionise their sector with digital twinning.

We are priviliged to be part of the advancement of drone technology and we continue to partner with organisations who are actively working on developing the legislation and infrastructure to support the next phase of drone capabilities. We’ll keep you updated via this blog with developments as we are able to publicise them.

All the best from us at Future Aerial and we hope that you enjoy looking around our new site. If you have a project that you think we could help you with in the drone space do please get in touch.